Fiestas Patronales en honor de San Roque - VILAGARCIA DE AROUSA

The most anticipated day of the festival of Arousa is 16, the feast of San Roque, the date on which converge two of the most renowned events: the procession of the saint, secular tradition, and the Festa da Auga, born in the 80 spontaneously and already with institutional recognition. Thus, programming the day begins with a solemn Mass and the huge procession of the saint, who, far from the recollection that usually characterizes these acts, here is a very festive component, as the trip is done under the notes pasodoble "Triumph "and even dance becomes the saint.

The town is prepared for what comes next: once the saint is introduced into the chapel the signal is given for a real water war starts. Takes place in a wide and bounded "wet" and involves up hoses fire trucks. Water guns, balloons, buckets from the balconies, domestic hoses ... any "weapon" is good if it contributes to the bathroom of a crowd that concentrates up to 30,000 people. Fun is guaranteed and then continues on the beach with food.

The festivities Vilagarcía is further characterized by the diversity of festivities, as has a renowned naval combat with fireworks between a ship and a castle in the dock, and two well-established gastronomic events: the Festa da Ameixa Lane and Mostra do Albariño Artisan Albarousa.


multitudinous bathroom, between music of brass bands in the Festa da Auga.