Illa de Arousa

Illa de Arousa (Isla de Arosa) is an island of the Ria de Arosa and Spanish municipality located in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia). According to the INE 2011, the population of the island was of 5,020 inhabitants. The population is divided into several neighborhoods, and places of interest are the environment of the lighthouse, the island Areoso (near the Isla de Arosa) and the natural park of Carreirón, which is listed as a Special Protection Area for heron populations, among other birds that inhabit the island. Has five ports, port Xufre being the most important, are also important springs of El Campo, Chazo and Cabodeiro. The viewpoint of the Holy is the highest point of the island, from where you can see the people, its tourist and commercial activity, and also the beauty of the place. San Julian de la Isla de Arousa is the only parish of the island. Some of its beaches are the Area da Secada, La Lavanqueira, El Bao, Camaxe, Carreirón, Espiñeiro and O Cabodeiro.