Turismo de agua y salud - SANXENXO

Sanxenxo, Water & Wellness Water

Tourism is a specialty that increasingly excites young and middle-aged people, abandoning the old idea that is not just for seniors. Water provides health and beauty, and it has become one of the strongest bets when visiting Sanxenxo.

The spa hotels are a quality offer in Sanxenxo. Base their product in water as an element of entertainment and enjoyment, using a range of techniques through pools of contrast in temperature, water pools treated with mineral salts, heated pools, hot tubs, aroma showers, dynamic pools, shiatsu cabins, vichy showers, jets, hot anatomic sofas, hydrotherapy baths, saunas flavored steam, dry saunas, etc.

Thalassotherapy is also represented in Sanxenxo and its surroundings. Here the sea water becomes an excellent resource. These establishments use all marine elements with properties, from water to sludge, algae, etc., indispensable complements of this specialty.