Gastronomía - O GROVE

Both traditional cuisine and nouvelle cuisine, come on this earth a new dimension. always with the undeniable quality of the raw material of these parts, authentic delicacies that should not stop tested to visit they are made. As an ideal complement, wines like Albariño or red Barrantes, water of the best ways these preparations.


The variety of species that populate the Arousa estuary allows us to have white or blue fish in any season.

Whites are more lean meat and fatty blues and with great nutritional properties. Sardines, mackerel, mackerel, sole and turbot, sea bass, golden ... the variety and quality make in restaurants in O Grove prepare barbeques and "caldeiradas" cooler and amazing fish in the area.


They are rich in minerals and iodine, lack of fat and offer powerful taste qualities.

It is noteworthy that give us iron mussels or unsaturated fatty acid Omega 3 and Omega 6 and vitamins A and B3 octopus.

Taste oysters, crabs and spider crabs crumble, taste the sea in barnacles and cockles represent a privilege available to all.


Salnés Valley come the vegetables consumed in O Grove.

In cultivated orchards and greenhouses, season to season, with traditional methods, all these products. Onions and lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, plus all kinds of vegetables are common in the market of our villa.

Characteristics of Restaurant

  • Specialties Fish and seafoods