Otras fiestas y tradiciones - SANXENXO

Carnival Festivities: Throughout the province. Are famous dances with arches in Cobas (Meaño) and the Pilgrimage of the Heads, in Meis. also highlight the Burial of the Sardine in almost all municipalities and burial of Loro Ravachol, in Pontevedra, at the end of Carnival. Easter: Across the province.

Quote the Passion of Christ, which is represented in Paradela (Meis) since the eighteenth century. The following Easter, also in Paradela (Meis) Sunday, there is a party in which a giant Easter bun replica of that at that time they give the godparents to their godchildren is cooked.

The Mayos: Across the province, the first day of May. The maios celebrate the arrival of good weather: regular size figures made of flowers, branches, plants, fruits and other materials that have an allegorical and / or artistic purpose.

San Benito party: Cambados. July 11.

Party San Benito de Lérez: Pontevedra. July 11. Of Tourist Interest in Galicia.

Santiago Apostle in Galicia. 25th of July. Feast of civic and religious. It is the day of Galicia, held mainly in Santiago de Compostela. International Tourist Interest.

Water Festival: Arousa. August 16th. Coincides with the celebration of the festivities in honor of San Roque. On the feast of religious, the faithful accompany the image of San Roque to the rhythm of pasodoble Triunfo, and in the afternoon the same route in reverse. In the playful part of the party, watered each other reciprocally in a refreshing and lively atmosphere.

Party of Peregrina: Pontevedra. Second half of August. Local festivals Pontevedra, where all kinds of cultural, sports and recreational activities are held.

The Feira Franca: Pontevedra. First weekend of September. Historical.

Miracles: Meaño. Second Sunday of September. Religious in nature.

Magostos: In November, the entire province. popular party with neighborhood meetings around a fire in which roasted chestnuts and new wine is drunk.