Pazo de Montesacro - CAMBADOS

Montesacro Pazo: Diego de Zárate and Murga, I Montesacro Marquis by decree of Felipe V, built in the town of San Tomé, the Montesacro Pazo in the XVIII century, the Baroque style of the time.

Should be noted on the façade, the elegant coat of arms of Zárate and Murga, stamped by the cross of Santiago, and the crown of the Marquis, which comes out an arm wielding a sword.

In 1937, the wife of the VIII Marquis of Montesacro , Juana María Grisone, by being widowed and childless decided to sell the pazo. In the first instance was going to be purchased by businessman Cambados , Manuel Otero, but finally decided to transfer her to the Sisters of Charity to enable them expand the asylum at that time stood at Pazo de Torrado.

The Pazo de Monstesacro was then completely remodeled, becoming the home for the elderly.