Ruta de la piedra y del agua - MEIS y RIBADUMIA

The route passes through the municipalities of Meis (San Martiño and Armenteira) and Ribadumia (Barrantes). An old road that traditionally ran on Easter Monday to the Monastery of the Armenteira. The first part is the route of the Mills of Barrantes, a kilometer and a half, with six mills restored. We followed the river Armenteira to reach the City of Meis, where we find Serén mills. A surprising, perfectly restored and a recreational area on the slopes of Mount Cabeza de Boi space. Mills take us to the "Village labrega" a representation granite Galician rural life from the early twentieth century, with all the traditional elements, church, granary, oven, cruise and pets, made entirely by the School of Stonemasons of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra. Started the second part of the route, which has a medium-high difficulty. It is also the most striking area for its scenery, pure nature. We arrived near the end of the course, the Monastery of the Armenteira, which date XII century Cistercian work of Galician architecture.