Ruta de los Carballos de Aldariz - SANXENXO

A 8 kms. Sanxenxo, we find this wonderful landscape.

Vegetation, wildlife, landscape, clean water springs ... they are elements that offers this route Aldariz. The microclimate of Sanxenxo encourages flowering species with some Mediterranean peculiarity as oaks (oaks), loureiros (laurels), chestnut, Acivro (Holly) ... On this route we can enjoy all these species, but especially the oaks, pines and eucalyptus.

Within walking distance of the town of Sanxenxo is Aldariz village, from where the route begins.

Leaving Sanxenxo towards Pontevedra by the PO-308 road the detour indicating "Local Police" and "Pazo Emilia Pardo Bazán" in the Miraflores area, at the end of this road turn right and take a kilometer gets a left turn indicating Aldariz. At this point begins the route.

This route has a length of about 6 kilometers (long distance) or about 4 kilometers (short-haul) and a medium level of difficulty.

The route of this route is as follows:

Short tour (4 km). Aldariz Square. Here you can see examples of popular architecture as granaries and old houses, and a spring.

Carballeira Leirana. Beautiful oak grove where you can enjoy a small stream that runs through it.

Chan Gorita. 2000 years A. C. - In this area many funerary monuments or burial mounds from the late Neolithic age 4,000 preserved

"O With da Ventureira". Great resting on another, with great significance for the neighbors and where a procession on Easter Monday is celebrated stone.

Long route (6 km). This route complements the previous one, after passing the Carballeira of Leirana, a detour to the right direction Bordóns is caught. During the trail you can see two springs and you can also enjoy great views of the Pontevedra estuary. Later, visiting the Church of Bordóns., Which was founded in the Middle Ages but rebuilt in the Baroque era. In its surroundings we can see a cemetery and a stone cross. Finally, we return to the starting point, the village of Aldariz.